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Hans  Sahl - Memoirs of a Moralist / <br><br>Exile in Exile

Hans Sahl

Memoirs of a Moralist /

Exile in Exile

New edition of the two best-known books by this great German author writing in exile

Hans Sahl is one of the big writers of German emigration, highly esteemed by colleagues...

Date of publication
February 2008

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Thomas  Sparr - Death Fugue – <br><br>Biography of a Poem

Thomas Sparr

Death Fugue –

Biography of a Poem

Paul Celan 1920-1970
Mit zahlreichen Abbildungen und Faksimiles

No other poem after 1945 is as well-known as Paul Celan's Death Fugue. Written under the impact of the murder of his parents by the National Socialists, it is seen as one...

Date of publication
March 2020

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