The Figure Jugglers

The myth that the Germans are a dying race and other ways statistics lie

Original Title: Die Zahlentrickser

original edition

Paperback, with flaps, 272 pages, 13.5 x 20.6 cm, 5.3 x 8.1 in., 30 b/w illustrations
ISBN: 978-3-453-20132-3
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Publishing House: Heyne

Date of publication: May 22, 2017
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Gerd  Bosbach, Jens Jürgen  Korff - The Figure Jugglers


How we are manipulated by statistics and charts.

Is a Porsche genuinely environmentally friendlier than a Smart? Do the wealthy pay most taxes? Have demographic developments really led to a shortage of doctors?

Statistics give the impression of being objective and exact, and yet they can be used to prove anything and its opposite. The authors of this book demonstrate how each day we are being manipulated and lied to by business executives and political leaders, how charts are falsified, spot samples pre-sorted, relative and absolute figures played off against each other and cause and effect swapped round.

Clear, astute, witty – and with a lot of eye openers.

Press: "Gerd Bosbach, mathematician from Cologne, is a relentless Don Quixote fighting against the windmill sails of the official statistic lies." Neue Rheinische Zeitung


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