Kilian Schönberger: In the Forest at Night. Goldmann Verlag (Paperback, Nature)

In the Forest at Night

A Nocturnal Exploration

Original Title: Nachts im Wald

original edition

Paperback, with flaps, approx. 200 pages, 18.8 x 16.8 cm, 7.4 x 6.6 in.
ISBN: 978-3-442-15992-5
€ 16.00 [D] | € 16.50 [A] | CHF 22.90 * (* rec. retail price) recommended retail price

Publishing House: Goldmann

Date of publication: September 21, 2020


Kilian  Schönberger - In the Forest at Night


A spectacular ramble through the nocturnal forest – with stunning photographs

'Night is a magical time. It enchants us, because the darkness shrouds a hidden world of breathtaking beauty.'

In this book, Kilian Schönberger, Germany’s most famous landscape photographer, takes you on a fascinating journey through majestic forests as you've never seen them before. He loves nothing better than to roam through forests under glittering starry skies, when everyone else is asleep. But the forest itself never sleeps, and different rules are at play here between dusk and dawn, than in broad daylight. What happens in the forest at night, unobserved by us humans? How do wild cats and glow-worms communicate with each other? How do plants and trees adapt to the darkness? What is that loud cracking, echoing between the trees?

In the Forest at Night is a spectacular ramble through the nocturnal forest, with stunning photographs and recommendations for nature excursions, for everyone who loves hiking and the great outdoors.

"The magic of the forest is vividly brought to life in Kilian Schönberger’s images."

GEO (17.01.2020)


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