Bodo von Ehrlich: Magnesium – The Handbook. Südwest Verlag (Paperback, Health & Alternative Healing)

Magnesium – The Handbook

Recognising deficiency and successfully reversing effects

Original Title: Magnesium - Das Praxisbuch

Paperback, 224 pages, 17.0 x 24.0 cm, 6.7 x 9.4 in.
ISBN: 978-3-517-09625-4
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Publishing House: Südwest

Date of publication: January 8, 2023


Bodo  von Ehrlich - Magnesium – The Handbook


Healing with magnesium

Magnesium is still little recognised by pharmacology, even though studies from around the world have shown that magnesium deficiency and many diseases of our modern lifestyle are closely related. From hypertension and vascular calcification to depression and irritable bowel syndrome – on closer examination it is becoming increasingly evident that an insufficient supply of magnesium plays a major role in these conditions. Accordingly, the intake of magnesium as part of a treatment is crucial.

But which symptoms indicate the administration of magnesium, and how much and in what form? This comprehensive guidebook informs about the physical effects and the therapeutic application possibilities of this hitherto neglected healing element.

• The latest studies: magnesium and the illnesses of civilisation

• The comprehensive work on dosage, deficiency prevention, and therapy

• Practical knowledge from a leading expert, including numerous case studies


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