Ruediger Dahlke: Short-term Fasting. Südwest Verlag (Paperback, Nutrition)

Short-term Fasting

Living healthier, longer, and trimmer by taking a break from eating

Original Title: Kurzzeitfasten

Paperback, 192 pages, 17.0 x 24.0 cm, 6.7 x 9.4 in.
ISBN: 978-3-517-09688-9
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Publishing House: Südwest

Date of publication: March 6, 2018
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Rights sold to: Estonia (Tänapäev), Italy (E. Mediterranee), Spain (PRH/Grijalbo)

Ca. 30 colour illustrations

Ruediger  Dahlke - Short-term Fasting


Short-term fasting – the new way to better health

The human body is made to undergo occasional periods of fasting. This is evidenced by the enormous health benefits that come from short-term fasting. The heart and intestines are relieved of stress, cancerous cells are held in check, inflammation is reduced, depression is alleviated, and the body’s cells are rejuvenated. This type of fasting is revealed as well in its effect on excess weight. There is perhaps no simpler or more effective way to trim down – without counting calories, the dreaded yo-yo effect, or even doing sport.

In his new book, the renowned doctor and fasting expert Ruediger Dahlke describes the various types of short-term fasting and the advantages of each. He reveals his practical and step-by-step approach to short-term fasting, and explains how to integrate this into daily life, what should be considered in various life situations, and what fasting strategies are helpful in particular situations, such as at work or while traveling.

• The new book from the bestselling author and fasting expert Ruediger Dahlke

• Healing breaks from eating for increased health and a trimmer body

• Proven to work: integrating short-term fasting into everyday life


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