No Opportunities for Energy Thieves

How you can protect and recharge your life energy. The security program for the soul

Original Title: Keine Chance für Krafträuber

original edition

Paperback, with flaps, 288 pages, 13.5 x 20.6 cm, 5.3 x 8.1 in.
ISBN: 978-3-7787-9268-1
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Publishing House: Integral

Date of publication: August 22, 2016
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Thomas  Schäfer - No Opportunities for Energy Thieves


Energetic self-protection

Your life energy is of great value, and you should not allow others to steal it. Yet what can you do when the boss becomes insulting? When a co-worker is annoying you with an endless monolog? When your beloved one is always late for a date? When your life-partner becomes a know-it-all in the presence of other people?

With many fascinating case studies from his practice, Thomas Schäfer shows how we, whether consciously or unconsciously, become robbed of psychic energy. With his four specifically focussed steps and numerous tips for recharging vital life energy, this renowned psychotherapist reveals what we can do against the everyday power theft.

•Well researched and oriented to everyday life: with practical exercises and intriguing case studies


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