Germany Has Backbone

How it could get to this point – Why now is the time to stop it, and what you yourself can do – Our best self-help exercises for home

Original Title: Deutschland hat Rücken

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Date of publication: October 8, 2018
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Dr. med. Petra  Bracht, Roland  Liebscher-Bracht - Germany Has Backbone


Pain free without drugs, without surgery, and in the shortest time

Back pain is the number-one widespread disorder of the civilised world. Everyone suffers from it at least once during their lifetime – but many have back pain every day. Conventional medicine is invariably at a loss about what to do and so prescribes excessive or unnecessary therapies, medications, and surgeries. Such treatments are generally not only ineffective but also dangerous. The pain returns and becomes chronic, and there is a risk of drug dependence. In addition, 95 percent of all back surgeries result in unintentional miscues.
With their pioneering method, the pain specialists and bestselling authors Dr. Petra Bracht and Roland Liebscher-Bracht put their finger right on the futility of conventional medicine. The best news is that you, the sufferer, can help yourself heal. Their therapy relieves back pain surprisingly fast while avoiding spinal damage. For each condition, the most effective exercises with variations are presented.

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• Our best self-help exercises for home

"The authors confidently present a holistic approach in which nutrition, psyche, and environment play important roles. Overall a very good and useful advice book!"


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