The Joy of Music

The Delight of Listening to Mozart

Original Title: Das Glück der Musik

original edition

Paperback, with flaps, 224 pages, 11.8 x 18.7 cm, 4.6 x 7.4 in.
ISBN: 978-3-630-62082-4
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Publishing House: Luchterhand Literaturverlag

Date of publication: June 6, 2006
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Hanns-Josef  Ortheil - The Joy of Music


Hanns-Josef Ortheil's new book reveales the secrets of Mozart's music in ever newer episodes.

It is a narrative which Ortheil addresses to all of those who, too, have experienced only a tenuous and elementary fascination in Mozart's music, with the objective of deepening their listening and their understanding of Mozart's musical cosmos.

Over twenty years after his classic study ‘Mozart at the Heart of His Language’ (1982), which is greatly prized by readers, critics and Mozart experts alike, Hanns-Josef Ortheil again takes an essayistic approach to Mozart's genius. He dedicates himself to selected passages and pieces of Mozart's music in order to provide ‘an introduction to the art of listening to Mozart's music’. In the process the whole of Mozart's work is incorporated and yet is introduced and outlined in such concise extracts that one does not have to be a specialist to be able to understand what Ortheil is talking about or to be able to expand one's own listening pleasure by reading Ortheil's observations. In conclusion Ortheil dedicates himself to Mozart's greatest operas. They are ‘told’ anew, both musically and lyrically, the stories behind their origins are elucidated and rendered tangible as representations of Mozart's image of mankind. The individual works are first introduced and then the extensive conclusion ‘Mozart's World’ describes all of the operas as a single comprehensive narrative.


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