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Thomas  Hohensee - Do Nothing and Become Happy

Thomas Hohensee

Do Nothing and Become Happy

Three principles for a good life

Where and how do we search for happiness? Doesn't it seem that the harder we look for happiness, the more likely we are to walk right past it?

The author and coach Thomas...

Date of publication
March 2020

  • Personal Development
  • Psychology
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Bernhard  Voss - Body Traces

Bernhard Voss

Body Traces

Understanding and healing the causes of physical and psychological symptoms

Many physical conditions, such as back pain, tinnitus, and migraine, are an expression of psychological stress and injury, and they can all leave behind traces that are later...

Date of publication
April 2020

  • Health & Alternative Healing
  • Psychology
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1-2 of 2 Titles

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