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Hans-Jürgen  Jakobs - Who Owns the World?

Hans-Jürgen Jakobs

Who Owns the World?

Power structures in global capitalism

They are called Larry Fink, Stephen Schwarzman or Abdullah bin Mohammed bin Saud al-Thani. They hide themselves behind investment funds, private equity or foundations. They...

Date of publication
November 2016

  • Economy
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Christoph  Keese - Silicon Germany

Christoph Keese

Silicon Germany

How we can manage the digital transformation

What has Google got that Volkswagen and Bosch haven't? Our mechanical engineers, the car industry, energy providers, our trade, our banks and service providers, and not to forget...

Date of publication
September 2016

  • Economy
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Rebekka  Reinhard - The Small Philosophy of Power*<br><br>*for Women Only

Rebekka Reinhard

The Small Philosophy of Power*

*for Women Only

Women want to achieve a great deal, and work hard for this – but often they feel frustrated and powerless. Perhaps this is because the usual female methods of perfectionism and...

Date of publication
November 2015

  • Philosophy
  • Economy
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Katarina  Schickling - Der Konsumkompass

Katarina Schickling

Der Konsumkompass

Was Sie wirklich über Plastikverpackungen, Neuseelandäpfel & Co. wissen müssen
Gut und nachhaltig leben muss nicht kompliziert sein

Date of publication
April 2020

  • General Non-Fiction
  • Current Affairs
  • Economy
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Reinhard K.  Sprenger - The Decent Company

Reinhard K. Sprenger

The Decent Company

The distinguishing mark of good management – and what good leaders do not do

Many people particularly see the economic system at their places of work. The way they are treated every day in the company, what their dealings with superiors, colleagues and...

Date of publication
September 2015

  • Economy
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