What makes us strong – as individuals and as a society

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Date of publication: March 5, 2018
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Gerald  Hüther - Dignity


We all want to die in dignity, but shouldn't we first live in dignity?

Dignity is a grand term. But what exactly is dignity? What does it mean when our dignity is taken away from us – perhaps, for example, because in a digital world we only count as data sets or get abused on the Internet? Perhaps because our own behaviour is undignified and we debase others?

In his new book, brain scientist Gerald Hüther demonstrates that dignity is not only a human right with an ethical and philosophical basis but also a neurobiologically founded inner compass which puts us in a position to not lose ourselves amidst the variety of demands and constraints we face from outside in a highly complex world. It is thus all the more important that we learn to reinforce our perception of our own dignity. The point is: if you are aware of your dignity, you cannot be led into temptation.

"While not an economics book, it is highly relevant for managers: Dignity by Gerald Hüther is one of the best non-fiction books of this spring."



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