Walking – Talking – Thinking

How babies develop on their own – Fundamentals for early childhood development

Original Title: Gehen - Sprechen - Denken

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Date of publication: July 26, 2021


Natalie  Rehm - Walking – Talking – Thinking


Less is more

Walking, talking, thinking: these are the most important developmental abilities that babies achieve in their first three years of life. Yet despite the many support measures for preschool and school children, deficits in early childhood development are still common: babies have trouble holding their heads up, toddlers stumble when they try to walk.

In this foundational work, the professional parenting counsellor Natalie Rehm provides parents with practical guidelines on how they can best help their children to develop their full potential.

For example, it is actually more of a hindrance to development when parents sit babies up, or hold their toddlers to help them learn to walk. What babies need is full freedom of movement and plenty of space. For language development, it is best to establish communication with babies right from the beginning, and when talking with them it is best to use complete sentences and the correct words instead of baby talk. A stable parent-child relationship and the parents' strong trust in the abilities of their children also play an essential role in ensuring that children develop optimally.

• Comprehensible fundamental work on the development of movement, speech, and cognition

• Unique approach: the development of walking, talking, and thinking in children is inborn


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