The Chaos Sisters Are Unbeatable

Volume 2
Illustrated by Franziska Harvey

Original Title: Die Chaosschwestern sind unschlagbar
With photographs / illustrations from Franziska Harvey

Recommended age group: 10 +
Hardcover, 256 pages, 13.5 x 21.5 cm, 5.3 x 8.5 in.
ISBN: 978-3-570-13375-0
€ 9.95 [D] | € 10.30 [A] | CHF 14.50 * (* rec. retail price) recommended retail price

Publishing House: cbj Kinderbücher

Date of publication: September 14, 2009
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Dagmar H.  Mueller - The Chaos Sisters Are Unbeatable


100.000 copies sold of the series

A potpourri of chaos and riotous catastrophes – The Chaos Sisters are back!

Malea, Livi, Tessa and Kenny have now settled down in their new home, made some new friends and been through a few adventures. It is now time to face new challenges, such as Malea’s search for a new aim in life. It is time for the world to be saved, and who better for this task than Malea? Livi on the other hand, with her alternative views of life, runs smack bang into the arms of a talent scout and finds herself in the world she so despises of beautiful people and those obsessed by fashion. Tessa has picked up lice while babysitting; she is faced with her own embarrassing challenge of having to go to the small-town pharmacy and buy something to get rid of the lice from the cutest pharmacist in the universe, and that’s really no fun, either. And Kenny – well, Kenny has fallen head over heels in love for the very first time.


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