Udo Weigelt: Luna and the Cat Bear Disclose a Secret . cbj Kinderbücher (Hardcover, Children's Books, Picture Books, Fiction: 5+, Luna and the Cat-Bear)

Luna and the Cat Bear Disclose a Secret

Original Title: Luna und der Katzenbär lüften ein Geheimnis
With illustrations from Joëlle Tourlonias

original edition

Recommended age group: 5 +
Hardcover, 72 pages, 17.0 x 24.0 cm, 6.7 x 9.4 in.
ISBN: 978-3-570-17478-4
€ 9.99 [D] | € 10.30 [A] | CHF 14.50 * (* rec. retail price) recommended retail price

Publishing House: cbj Kinderbücher

Date of publication: October 23, 2017
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Rights sold to: Russia (Eksmo)


Volume 5

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Rights sold: Catalan, Hungarian, Spanish

Udo  Weigelt - Luna and the Cat Bear Disclose a Secret


Even in the dark a cat bear can always find a light switch!

"Beep, beep" can be heard throughout the garden! Karlo gets such a fright that he jumps straight onto Luna's shoulder. Luna also finds it a bit fishy, for the strange noise sounding like an old train is definitely coming from the shed. And the shed has always looked more like a witch's house than a garden house! When it then starts to thunder although the sun is shining and there isn't a cloud to be seen in the sky, Luna and Karlo are sure of one thing: there is a ghost in the shed! They have to pluck up all their courage and get a torch to get to the bottom of the matter.

•Important and popular topic: plucking up courage and overcoming fears


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