Benjamin Busche: Hedgehog House and Bumblebee Cabin. Bassermann Verlag (Hardcover, Hobbies & Crafts)

Hedgehog House and Bumblebee Cabin

Original Title: Igelhaus & Hummelhütte

Hardcover, 96 pages, 16.2 x 21.2 cm, 6.4 x 8.3 in.
ISBN: 978-3-8094-3606-5
€ 9.99 [D] | € 9.99 [A] | CHF 14.50 * (* rec. retail price) recommended retail price

Publishing House: Bassermann

Date of publication: March 21, 2016
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Benjamin  Busche - Hedgehog House and Bumblebee Cabin


Discover how to make animal homes and feeding stations from natural materials

Squirrels, a variety of birds, insects such as butterflies and bees, and many other living things live in our gardens and visit us on the balcony, terrace, and patio. Many help control pests, and since we enjoy having these faunal neighbours in our gardens, we should do something to enhance their living conditions.

This book provides inspirations and practical instructions for constructing food stations, bird baths, insect nooks, hedgehog houses, and other beneficial structures, all with natural and inexpensive materials. Objects of natural materials harmonise well with nature and have decorative value as well. Special attention here is given to species appropriateness to ensure the needs of each type of creature will be met.

•Every object is clearly explained, step by step – easy to create by adept hobbyists or even complete beginners.


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