Karin Heimberger-Preisler, Wei Ling Khor: Flower Ladies. DVA Verlag (Hardcover, Hobbies & Crafts)

Flower Ladies

From a passion for plants to ideas for business
Portraits of 20 women

Original Title: Flower Ladies
With photographs from Wei Ling Khor

Hardcover, 192 pages, 21.0 x 26.0 cm, 8.3 x 10.2 in.
ISBN: 978-3-421-04091-6
€ 29.95 [D] | € 30.80 [A] | CHF 41.50 * (* rec. retail price) recommended retail price

Publishing House: DVA Bildband

Date of publication: March 26, 2018
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Rights sold to: China (China Machine Press)

With ca. 300 colour illustrations

Karin  Heimberger-Preisler, Wei Ling  Khor - Flower Ladies


From a passion for green to successful business start-ups

Almost every flower or plant lover is familiar with Instagram today. What sort of people are behind these inspiring accounts and creative business ideas? The author Karin Heimberger and the photographer Wei Ling Khor travelled through Europe together for a summer to pay a visit to their virtual botanically oriented favourites as they exist in 'real' life.
Among their discoveries: florists can give us insights into their novel and natural way of using flowers; event stylists show how flowers and potted plants make every presentation so much more vivid; chefs reveal how plant-based nutrition enriches menus; and shop owners share why sustainable use of plants can be a delight.
Plant nursery, florist with café, cooking studio, concept store, online shop, or bicycle bouquet courier – the book portrays 20 women who from their passion for flora have developed a very special hobby or business idea and have gone on to fulfil their dream of independence.

• From botanical hobby to ideas for a business

• 20 inspiring portraits of women who are living their dreams

• Tips for being creative with plants and cut flowers


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