Elli H. Radinger: The Wisdom of Wolves. Ludwig Verlag (Hardcover, Nature)

The Wisdom of Wolves

How they think, plan, take care of each other – amazing facts about the animal most similar to humans

Original Title: Die Weisheit der Wölfe

original edition

Hardcover with jacket, 288 pages, 12.5 x 20.0 cm, 4.9 x 7.9 in.
ISBN: 978-3-453-28093-9
€ 19.99 [D] | € 20.60 [A] | CHF 28.90 * (* rec. retail price) recommended retail price

Publishing House: Ludwig

Date of publication: October 30, 2017
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Elli H.  Radinger - The Wisdom of Wolves


"One of the most intelligent and perceptive books about nature that I know – in my next life I'd like to be a wolf!" Peter Wohlleben

Love your family, care for those entrusted to you, never give up and never stop playing – these are the golden rules of wolves. Wolves take empathetic care of their old and injured, lovingly bring up their young and are able to forget everything when playing. They think, dream, make plans, communicate intelligently with one another – and have more similarities with us humans than any other animal.

Elli H. Radinger, the best-known German wolf expert, tells fascinating stories that are exemplary of values like sense of family, trust, patience, leadership qualities, mindfulness, coping with failure or death. She tells readers of astonishing and hitherto unknown facts about the lives of wolves and demonstrates one thing: wolves would probably be the better human beings.

"Informative and entertaining non-fiction that helps do away with prejudices against wolves and canvases for the necessary respect for this animal."

Wetzlarer Neue Zeitung


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