Bettina Belitz: The Diamond Warrior Saga. cbj Jugendbücher (Hardcover, Young Adult Series, Fiction: 12 +)

The Diamond Warrior Saga

Damir’s Oath

Original Title: Die Diamantkrieger-Saga - Damirs Schwur

original edition

Recommended age group: 14 +
Hardcover with jacket, 448 pages, 15.0 x 22.7 cm, 5.9 x 8.9 in., 25 b/w illustrations
ISBN: 978-3-570-16417-4
€ 17.99 [D] | € 18.50 [A] | CHF 25.50 * (* rec. retail price) recommended retail price

Publishing House: cbj Jugendbücher

Date of publication: February 22, 2016
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Volume 1

Bettina  Belitz - The Diamond Warrior Saga


Awaken. See who you are. Use your skills. Fight!

17-year-old Sara has sold her soul to the Hydra – that sinister underworld she works for as a highly talented master thief and, thanks to her unique instincts, steals valuable diamonds one night after the other. Sara is not interested in what happens to the diamonds – until the enigmatic Damir appears in the catacombs of the underworld. Everything about him suggests that he, too, is acting on behalf of the Hydra.

The more often Damir and Sara meet up, the more intensive the almost magic power of attraction between the two of them becomes, and in Sara's human body it awakens superhuman gifts that are slumbering deep within her: the skills of a diamond warrior. Damir is not a master thief. He belongs to the secret lodge of the diamond warriors that declared war on the Hydra centuries ago and has been given the task of "awakening" Sara as one of the lodge. Not on any account, however, must he fall in love with Sara, nor she with him.

•A magnificent saga about the eternal struggle between dark and light, love and hate

•For all readers of Cassandra Clare


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