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Wide-spread media coverage for Oliver Hilmes' Berlin 1936

“A breathtaking book.” Die Welt

"A racing portrait. Making historical sources so vivid is a plus for readers." ZDF aspekte

“Oliver Hilmes has deeply researched these sixteen days in August 1936, and has written a highly political book. […] The result is a dense, enthralling portrait of those sixteen days, reflective of the whole of Germany. As gripping to read as a novel.” Neues Deutschland

“In his remarkable book, Oliver Hilmes creates a comprehensive picture of that time.” MDR artour

“He sketches a miniature everyday history of the Third Reich, one that has been for the most part missing. […] Captivating without being fiction. […] Here history lives.” Nürnberger Zeitung

“A rousing book.” Berliner Morgenpost

“A very entertaining form for presenting history […] The special thing about Berlin 1936 is the narrative voice Oliver Hilmes uses to portray this time without sacrificing historical accuracy. Here is a very informative text on how an ideological movement used its propaganda to blind and mislead a nation and the world.” Kleine Zeitung

• Top 15 Spiegel bestseller
• Translation rights sold to: Denmark (Kristeligt Dagblad), Estonia (Tänapäev)
• For the English synopsis, please cklick here

Oliver Hilmes
Berlin 1936
[Berlin 1936]
History, 304 pages, Illustrated, Siedler


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