Death Dance


Original Title: Todesreigen

original edition

Paperback, with flaps, 576 pages, 12.5 x 18.7 cm, 4.9 x 7.4 in.
ISBN: 978-3-442-48313-6
€ 9.99 [D] | € 10.30 [A] | CHF 14.50 * (* rec. retail price) recommended retail price

Publishing House: Goldmann

Date of publication: August 21, 2017
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Rights sold to: Korea (Thenan)

Andreas  Gruber - Death Dance


The sins of the past are calling for vengeance – a bloody dance of guilt and revenge.

After a series of colleagues have committed suicide – each one savagely – detective inspector Sabine Nemez begins to smell a rat. There is a lot pointing to a decades-old conspiracy and a revenge-thirsty victim.

Sabine asks a former colleague for help: profiler Maarten S. Sneijder, now suspended from service. He, however, refuses to cooperate and urgently warns her to keep off the case. Then Sabine goes missing without trace, and Sneijder intervenes. In doing so he not only puts a spoke in the wheel of a hate-filled murderer but also gets in the way of his one-time friends and colleagues, who would do anything to erase the sins of their past for all time …


"A thriller writer of international excellence." Kronen Zeitung

"Fear and trembling guaranteed!"



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