The Colours of Memory


Original Title: Die Farben der Erinnerung

original edition

Paperback, 416 pages, 11.8 x 18.7 cm, 4.6 x 7.4 in.
ISBN: 978-3-442-48394-5
€ 10.00 [D] | € 10.30 [A] | CHF 13.90 * (* rec. retail price) recommended retail price

Publishing House: Goldmann

Date of publication: December 18, 2017
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Nicole C.  Vosseler - The Colours of Memory


An old piece of jewellery and some lines from a poem lead Gemma to a secret hidden away for centuries …

When she was a child, Gemma lost her parents in a fire – a tragic accident that still haunts her as an adult. Her reclusive life in New York suddenly goes out of joint when she receives some mail from an anonymous sender: an envelope containing some lines of a Victorian poem and a piece of antique jewellery.

With the help of the charismatic Oxford professor Sisley Ryland-Bancroft, Gemma sets out to trace the sender – a journey that takes her over two continents and imperils her, for without her realising it she is in the process of uncovering a secret that has been guarded for centuries and could be the key to her own past …

The latest big novel by bestselling author Nicole C. Vosseler.


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