Monika Feth: The Picture Guardian. cbj Jugendbücher (Paperback, Age 12 to 16)

The Picture Guardian


Original Title: Der Bilderwächter

original edition

Recommended age group: 14 +
Paperback, with flaps, 480 pages, 12.5 x 18.3 cm, 4.9 x 7.2 in.
ISBN: 978-3-570-30852-3
€ 10.99 [D] | € 11.30 [A] | CHF 16.90 * (* rec. retail price) recommended retail price

Publishing House: cbj Jugendbücher

Date of publication: November 11, 2013
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Monika  Feth - The Picture Guardian


Over 1.1 million copies of the thriller series already sold

Jette's friend Ilka hasn't touched her famous brother's assets for two years. When she then does take a look at Ruben's pictures for the first time, it is as if she has opened Pandora's Box. Ruben's executor is found dead and Ilka finds herself at the centre of an incredible media circus. Jette and Merle start investigating, but it is a race against time, for the murderer has cast an eye on Ilka herself…

•Eagerly awaited: the 6th volume of Monika Feth's "Strawberry picker thrillers"!

•Psycho thriller in a class of its own: brilliantly told, breath-takingly exciting, packed with atmosphere, with fascinating characters.

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Target group: 13+

"Der inzwischen sechste Jette-Thriller fesselt durch psychologisch überzeugend gezeichnete Figuren und Spannen, die einen bis zum Schluss in Atem hält."

Münchner Merkur (22.02.2014)


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