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Charlotte Link

The Rose Gardener

A Novel

Originaltitel: Die Rosenzüchterin
Originalverlag: Blanvalet, München 2000
Übersetzt von Marshall Yarbrough

eBook, 720 Seiten, 12,5 x 18,7 cm
ISBN: 978-3-641-14096-0
€ 4,99 [D] | CHF 6,00* (* empf. VK-Preis) empfohlener Verkaufspreis
Verlag: Blanvalet

Erscheinungstermin: 13. Oktober 2014
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Charlotte  Link - The Rose Gardener


A Novel


A dark secret hangs over the old rose gardener's house in the village of Le Variouf. And all the clues seem to point to its inhabitants' past—to the years of World War II, when the idyllic island of Guernsey was occupied by German troops...

The young teacher Franca Palmer is at the end of her rope. Her marriage is reaching a crisis point, and she barely feels capable of continuing to face the demands of her career, her husband, and day-to-day life. In a mad rush she leaves her comfortable home in Berlin and flees to the island of Guernsey in the English Channel; there she rents herself a room in the old rose gardener's house in the village of Le Variouf. In a short time, a peculiar, guarded friendship develops between her and her host, Beatrice Shaye. The older woman has lived on the charmingly situated property for many years with Helene Feldmann—tied together by fate in a relationship that is marked with repugnance and hatred. The two women appear to be bound to one another in a mysterious, incomprehensible way—dating back to the year 1940, when during the occupation of the Channel Islands by German troops, Helene and her husband Erich, a high-ranking officer, took Beatrice in as if she was their own child. From the beginning, the Feldmanns competed for Beatrice's favor, all the more so since, where his wife was concerned, Erich felt only contempt. So it was that with his death on May 1st, 1945, an agonizing phase in both women's lives came to an end. But nevertheless, a shadow still hangs over the house. And one day, another May 1st, there is again a death in Le Variouf.



Charlotte Link, geboren in Frankfurt/Main, ist die erfolgreichste deutsche Autorin der Gegenwart. Ihre Kriminalromane sind internationale Bestseller, auch »Die Entscheidung« und zuletzt »Die Suche« eroberten wieder auf Anhieb die SPIEGEL-Bestsellerliste. Allein in Deutschland wurden bislang über 30 Millionen Bücher von Charlotte Link verkauft; ihre Romane sind in zahlreiche Sprachen übersetzt. Charlotte Link lebt mit ihrer Familie in der Nähe von Frankfurt/Main.



» Am Ende des Schweigens
» Das andere Kind
» Das Echo der Schuld
» Das Haus der Schwestern
» Der Beobachter
» Der fremde Gast
» Der Verehrer
» Die Betrogene
» Die Entscheidung
» Die letzte Spur
» Die Rosenzüchterin
» Sturmzeit - Die Stunde der Erben
» Die Suche
» Die Sünde der Engel
» Die Täuschung
» Im Tal des Fuchses
» Laras Song und eine weitere Erzählung
» Schattenspiel
» Sechs Jahre
» Sturmzeit
» Sturmzeit - Wilde Lupinen
» The Rose Gardener


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