Philipp Ruch: If Not Us, Who Then?. Ludwig Verlag (Paperback, Society & culture, Social & ethical issues, Politics & Society)

If Not Us, Who Then?

A political manifesto

Original Title: Wenn nicht wir, wer dann?

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Paperback, with flaps, 208 pages, 13.5 x 20.6 cm, 5.3 x 8.1 in.
ISBN: 978-3-453-28071-7
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Publishing House: Ludwig

Date of publication: November 23, 2015
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Philipp  Ruch - If Not Us, Who Then?


Why nothing will change if we don't change anything

Refugees dying at Europe's frontiers; security policy based on the large-scale spying out of data; German arms deliveries to authoritarian regimes – there are plenty of reasons for getting hot under the collar. And yet most people in our society are bogged down in lethargy and cynicism. How much longer are we going to look on? Politics must be put back in charge of those who want to change things.

With his public campaigns, Philipp Ruch brings political awareness back into our daily lives – against the indifference that is deceiving our society of the principles it is worth living for. He shows us how we can again commit our lives to unrestricted humanity. This is a polemic for all those wanting to achieve something beyond party politics or egocentrism. It is a plea to act!


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