Ludwig Koneberg, Silke Gramer-Rottler: Learning What Is Child Appropriate through Evolution Pedagogy. Kösel-Verlag (Paperback, Society & culture)

Learning What Is Child Appropriate through Evolution Pedagogy

A parent-student training

Original Title: Kindgerecht lernen mit der Evolutionspädagogik

Paperback, 112 pages, 17.3 x 22.0 cm, 6.8 x 8.7 in.
ISBN: 978-3-466-31025-8
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Publishing House: Kösel

Date of publication: November 3, 2014
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Ludwig  Koneberg, Silke  Gramer-Rottler - Learning What Is Child Appropriate through Evolution Pedagogy


Discovering and supporting the individual strengths of the child

For success in school it is crucial to promote the natural abilities of a child. Usually, however, what occurs is something quite different. Our children are judged by standardized systems of evaluation with "good" or "poor," "correct" or "wrong" – and often fail because of this system.

Ludwig Koneberg and Silke Gramer-Rottler encourage us to think about this differently. They provide solid proposals and movement exercises from practical pedagogy, which supports and promotes the individual strengths and resources of the child. Because children’s abilities are substantially broader and more comprehensive than classical scoring systems and grades in report cards could express it. With this child-oriented approach and the included diagnostic chart, learning and behaviour blocks can be dissolved astonishingly simply – in a way that will be appropriate to the child.

• With the first diagnostic chart for learning and behavioural problems


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