Connected Business. Attentive, Trustworthy, Authentic

How I've learned to lead myself and others

Original Title: Connected Business

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ISBN: 978-3-424-20213-7
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Publishing House: Ariston

Date of publication: April 27, 2020
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Mounira  Latrache - Connected Business. Attentive, Trustworthy, Authentic


Be yourself: everyone else is already taken

Steady incomes, dependable savings, and secure jobs are things of the past. Digitalisation is radically transforming the way we work. We are increasingly required to take on different roles, cultures, and projects and to constantly reinvent our-selves. The classic motivation of career is also outdated, for, in the end, it's not the individual who wins, but the digital plat¬form. Anxieties about the future are the consequence, and the world of work appears less and less meaningful.

But there is a way out: Learning to guide oneself, to lead others, to make one's own heart and that of others radiate through mindfulness, a proven antidote to meaninglessness. Thus, it is possible to determine our own sphere of influence and to recognise who we are and what we are longing to do. Companies can become creative places for everyone when the people working there perceive each other holistically, and fully engage themselves as well.

• Insightful testimonial and practical guide: How to find ourselves and our true sense of purpose, regardless of the stress of everyday life


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