Kalashatra Govinda: Chakras. Irisiana Verlag (Paperback)


The influence of the seven chakras on health, charisma, and vitality

Original Title: Chakras

Paperback, Flexi-cover, 160 pages, 10.0 x 15.5 cm, 3.9 x 6.1 in.
ISBN: 978-3-424-15191-6
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Publishing House: Irisiana

Date of publication: July 15, 2013
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Kalashatra  Govinda - Chakras


On overview of the seven chakras

The seven chakras are important consciousness and energy centers. Through targeted exercises, it is possible to detect and dissolve ethereal blockages. This has a positive effect on body, mind, and soul, resulting in greater harmony, stability, and life energy.

This handy guide provides everything you need to know about practical work with the chakras. By way of numerous tests and programs for the harmonisation of the chakras, including chakra yoga exercises, the various life realms are brought into a stable balance.

• Handy, informative, clear

• Many practical sets of instructions for active exercises and meditations

• With a chakra personality test for determining individual type


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