All Over Now

What makes friendships between women come apart and how it can help us move forward

Original Title: Aus und vorbei

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Date of publication: November 11, 2019
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Dorothee  Röhrig - All Over Now


When a friend walks out on you

There are few people more important to women than a best friend. She is the person you confide in, the one who gives you advice, who you can unburden your sorrows on, your accomplice. It is therefore all the more painful when such a friendship gradually or suddenly breaks up. How can the person you thought of as your soul sister suddenly be a stranger or betray you?

Dorothee Röhrig has collected numerous case studies about women's friendships that have come apart and has consulted psychologists on the problem. She concludes that when you recognise what was good about the friendship and that letting go is part of the process of further development, then after the end of the time together it is possible to carry on with life positively and inwardly strengthened.

• What makes friendships between women come apart – and why the break is the chance for further development

• An authentic plea for women, about women, written by a woman

• With 13 case studies from true life and practical psychological tips


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