Close and in Contact Until the Very End

Beneficial rituals for spiritually accompanying the dying

Original Title: Verbunden bis zuletzt

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ISBN: 978-3-442-34253-2
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Publishing House: Arkana

Date of publication: October 28, 2019
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Dorothea  Mihm - Close and in Contact Until the Very End


Finding support and assurance when dealing with death and the dying

Scarcely anyone in our society is happy to confront their own death or that of a loved one. Instead, death is outsourced to hospitals where apparatuses take the place of a hand to hold.

Dorothea Mihm, a Buddhist palliative nurse and pioneer of spiritual end-of-life care, pleads for different, more dignified dealings with this central transformation process in order to control and shape it in all its stages consciously and with self-determination. To this end she shows relatives and friends beneficial rituals and meditations that give the dying rest and peace of mind. The practice of sympathy and forgiveness takes away fear of the unknown, of loss, and of pain from the person dying. At the same time, these techniques support relatives and friends as they compassionately accompany the individual stages both of hindsight and insight, and also resistance to events. Thus the process of letting go can be all-embracing and death become a profound and precious experience in life – for both sides.

• How death can be successfully dealt with in dignity using spiritual traditions

• With specific recommendations on how to mindfully accompany the dying


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