Trudel Gedudel Fools the Fox

Original Title: Trudel Gedudel foppt den Fuchs
With illustrations from Karsten Teich

original edition

Recommended age group: 5 +
Hardcover, 88 pages, 17.0 x 24.0 cm, 6.7 x 9.4 in.
ISBN: 978-3-570-17593-4
€ 12.00 [D] | € 12.40 [A] | CHF 17.90 * (* rec. retail price) recommended retail price

Publishing House: cbj Kinderbücher

Date of publication: March 23, 2020
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Eva  Muszynski, Karsten  Teich - Trudel Gedudel Fools the Fox


An entertaining adventure with a crazy hen

Trudel Gedudel is a hen. She loves adventures and freedom. But when evening comes she is quite happy to go back home on the farmyard. After all, she needs a roof over her head. Her new friends, Gräten-Käthe and Mr Klautermann, go with her. And while the friends are on their way the inquisitive turkey twins Ete and Petete begin to wonder where that stupid hen has got to: could she have been eaten by the fox? More by accident than anything else the turkeys end up on the wrong side of the fence and in great danger. But you should never underestimate a hen like Trudel Gedudel …

• How Trudel Gedudel rescues the turkey twins and gets the better of the fox

• Great entertainment with super funny ideas

• Likeable, unique and easily recognisable characters


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