Rosa Luxemburg

A life

Original Title: Rosa Luxemburg

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Date of publication: November 26, 2018
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Ernst  Piper - Rosa Luxemburg


Unwavering internationalist, distanced feminist, emancipated Jew – who was Rosa Luxemburg?

At her first major public appearance, at the congress of the Socialist International in Zürich in 1893, she was only 22 years old and had to climb onto a table to make herself heard. But even with her first speech she aroused huge enthusiasm.

Unlike in previous biographies, Ernst Piper has brought out Rosa Luxemburg's unwavering internationalism. She rejected all forms of nationalism, and her attitude towards the feminism demanded by socialist women's congresses from 1900 on was reserved, as was her relationship to the Jewish community. Rosa Luxemburg fought for a liberal socialism, but opposed Lenin's authoritarian centralism, which is why she rejected the founding of the Communist International in Moscow. There is much to be found in her ideas and attitudes that even today, in an age of reawakening nationalism, is stimulating and important.

Press on Alfred Rosenberg: Hitler’s Chief Ideologist

"Voluminous, reliable, confident, written on the basis of a wide range of secondary literature and source material, a work that will be the authoritative study for a long time to come." Neue Zürcher Zeitung


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