Original Title: Im Mittelpunkt Leben
With photographs from Carmen Lechtenbrink

original edition

Hardcover with jacket, 288 pages, 17.0 x 24.0 cm, 6.7 x 9.4 in.
ISBN: 978-3-442-39233-9
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Publishing House: Mosaik Verlag

Date of publication: June 10, 2013
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Annette  Rexrodt von Fircks, Prof. Dr. med. Wolfgang  Janni, Anselm  Grün, Prof. Dr. med. Hans  Hauner, Dr. Freerk  Baumann, Hans  Gerlach, Prof. Dr. Josef  Beuth - Living in the Middle


A support to women on the path back into life

The women affected by breast cancer long for the end of chemo- and radiotherapy and look forward to returning to a "normal" life. When it is time, however, often they feel insecure and alone.

Seven top-class writers, including renowned experts, have taken on the task of accompanying affected women as they find their way back to a self-determined, happy life.

Thousands of questions arise: What must I change in my everyday life, so that I now live more healthily? Which doctor should I have for post-treatment? What medications are now necessary or have become unnecessary? What do tumour markers reveal? Are food supplements helpful? Which sports are now good for me? What do I need to know concerning possible pregnancy?

In unique interaction, the seven experts provide women the safety and sense of security they now need.

•Professional advice from expert authors

•Compassionate, holistic, competent

•With atmospheric photographs

• With the collaboration of Anselm Grün, Dr. Freerk Baumann, Prof. Josef Beuth, Hans Gerlach, Prof. Hans Hauner


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