Peter Keglevic: I was Hitler’s Best Man. Knaus Verlag (Hardcover, Literature & Fiction)

I was Hitler’s Best Man


Original Title: Ich war Hitlers Trauzeuge

Hardcover with jacket, 576 pages, 13.5 x 21.5 cm, 5.3 x 8.5 in.
ISBN: 978-3-8135-0727-0
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Publishing House: Knaus

Date of publication: September 18, 2017
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Rights sold to: The Netherlands (Thomas Rap/De Bezige Bij)

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Peter  Keglevic - I was Hitler’s Best Man


A grandiose tragicomical novel

Easter Sunday, April 1, 1945. The small town of Berchtesgaden, Adolf Hitler’s favourite place in the Bavarian mountains, prepares for the 13th instalment of the popular people’s run "Running for the Fuehrer". The winner has the honour of personally wishing Adolf Hitler a happy birthday on the 20th of April in Berlin.

But unlike the years before, there are very few volunteers, and most candidates look like they’ll never be able to survive the ordeal. Leni Riefenstahl is less than pleased with the "people material" on offer – until a tall blonde man catches her eye. Leni is adamant that this picture-perfect Arian, Paul Renner, should take part in the run. What neither she nor the organizers know: Paul’s real name is Harry Freudenthal, and he is a Jew from Berlin who went into hiding in Vienna in 1943 and is now trying to survive the last weeks of the Nazi regime.

With a passion for historic detail and the craziness of the last weeks of the Third Reich, Peter Keglevic tells the fascinating life story of a Jew from Berlin who makes it to the Fuehrer’s bunker and whose destiny is closely entwined with that of Adolf Hitler. I was Hitler’s Best Man is a brilliant, tragicomic novel, as grotesque as Quentin Tarantino’s Inglorious Basterds and as moving as Roberto Benigni’s Life is Beautiful.

"I was Hitler's Best Man is a highly original novel by a gifted storyteller whose straightforward, accessible language and darkly humorous tone set the scene for a first-class tragicomedy. Keglevic artfully combines the strong narrative drive of a good story with historical detail[.]"

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