Secret Heroes

On Heinrich von Kleist, James Joyce, Thomas Mann, Gottfried Benn and many others

Original Title: Heimliche Helden

original edition

Hardcover with jacket, 368 pages, 13.5 x 21.5 cm, 5.3 x 8.5 in., 13 b/w illustrations
ISBN: 978-3-630-87373-2
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Publishing House: Luchterhand Literaturverlag

Date of publication: May 28, 2013
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Ulrike  Draesner - Secret Heroes


Precise, surprising and respectfully perfidious portraits of great writers

The writers of classical literature are overwhelmingly male. Is this tedious for female readers? By no means! Reading buff Ulrike Draesner presents us here with her very own 'Hall of Fame' of male authors.

Men have a hard time, for they have to be heroes. No few of those writers who have become "classics" have experimented with militant and heroic roles. But is not writing in itself an "unheroic" activity, perhaps even subversive?

Ulrike Draesner has traced the origins of the idea of the hero; she shows writers in their heroic and delightfully unheroic postures and with stupendous knowledge and great originality tells of her reading adventures.

"Is the author a heroine? Are her characters heroes? These and other questions are addressed by the author in very intensive essays, with some unexpected answers. The entire book is just as unexpected as it is enlightening."



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