Bernadette Schwienbacher: Medicinal Herbs for the Soul. Ansata - Integral - Lotos (Hardcover)

Medicinal Herbs for the Soul

The 12 most important medicinal herbs for psychological balance and mental stability

Original Title: Heilkräuter für die Seele

original edition

Hardcover, 208 pages, 13.5 x 17.5 cm, 5.3 x 6.9 in., 25 color illustrations
ISBN: 978-3-7787-9283-4
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Publishing House: Integral

Date of publication: April 23, 2018
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Bernadette  Schwienbacher - Medicinal Herbs for the Soul


Traditional healing lore for a healthy life connected with natural roots

While our pace of life is constantly accelerating, and the demands of daily life are inundating us, nature continues undeterred at its own rhythm. In the meadows and the forests, on the mountain heights and through the valleys, herbs for healing grow. We have largely forgotten them – but they are still there for us.

To all those stressed and overwhelmed, to all burdened with melancholy, and those yearning for lightness, the South Tyrolean healer Bernadette Schwienbacher provides balm for holistic well-being: breathing techniques, exercises for mind and body, ways to a healthy biorhythm, and much herbal lore, especially of teas, elixirs, and baths. The healing powers of nature will assuage mind and soul so that your life can unfold at its appropriate pace.

• Finding in nature what the spirit needs

• The first herbal for spiritual and psychological balance and inner stability

• A rich selection of ideas, recipes, and applications

"Schwienbacher presents […] therapeutic herbs for all who are stressed, overwhelmed, depressed, and yearning for ease and lightness."

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