Sonia Emilia Rainbow: The Healing Power of Women. Ansata - Integral - Lotos (Hardcover)

The Healing Power of Women

The forgotten knowledge of the primal power of the womb. With advice on self-healing common female disorders

Original Title: Frauenheilkraft

original edition

Hardcover with jacket, 256 pages, 13.5 x 21.5 cm, 5.3 x 8.5 in.
ISBN: 978-3-7787-7554-7
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Publishing House: Ansata

Date of publication: November 18, 2019
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Sonia Emilia  Rainbow - The Healing Power of Women


The shaman book of women's health

The rediscovery of the millennium-old indigenous knowledge of women: In the course of her life, every woman goes through various phases of female vitality such as menstru-ation, sexuality, pregnancy, and menopause. Yet only very few women are consciously aware of these phases.

The experienced shaman healer Sonia Emilia Rainbow shows that many of the typical female disorders only come about because in our culture naturally dealing with the primal power of the womb has been lost. She understands and explains afflictions of the female organs and the resulting emotional processes from an energetic viewpoint. For this the author draws on unique traditional knowledge entrusted to her by indigenous female shamans. She has a profound knowledge of medicinal plants at her finger tips and shares simple exercises, blessings, and rituals with her readers so that they can stimulate the healing powers of their bodies and find a new approach to their own femininity.

• Alternative medical advice on self-healing common female disorders such as period pains, inflammation, myomas or cysts

• With many practical exercises and beneficial meditations for femininity, self-healing, and inner vigour


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