Ingo Siegner: Coconut, the Little Dragon, and his Adventure. cbj Kinderbücher (Hardcover, Age 6 to 9)

Coconut, the Little Dragon, and his Adventure

Original Title: Der kleine Drache Kokosnuss und seine Abenteuer
With illustrations from Ingo Siegner

Recommended age group: 6 +
Hardcover, 80 pages, 15.5 x 21.0 cm, 6.1 x 8.3 in.
ISBN: 978-3-570-13075-9
€ 8.99 [D] | € 9.30 [A] | CHF 12.90 * (* rec. retail price) recommended retail price

Publishing House: cbj Kinderbücher

Date of publication: February 15, 2006
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Rights sold to: China (21st Century), Croatia (Planet Zoe), Czech Republic (Vikend), France (Bayard Jeunesse), Greece (Konidaris), Hungary (Kossuth), Slovenia (Tehniska), Spain (La Galera) Turkey (ABM)

Ingo  Siegner - Coconut, the Little Dragon, and his Adventure


A selection of the best stories from the big book to be read to children, abridged and simplified for early readers.

Coconut, the little fire-breathing dragon, lives with his parents on a hitherto undiscovered island. He is brave, cheerful and daring, and so he has all sorts of adventures.

For example, with the nice whale, Casimir, who unexpectedly helps the little dragon to have a winter holiday on the summer island. But after this very first adventure, little Coconut has many more. While on an outing in the Big Jungle, he saves Matilda Porcupine's life, and from then on, the two are the best of friends and inseparable. When, not long after, the evil wizard, Ziegenbart, turns Matilda into a stone, Coconut sets off with the little Stony Matilda in his luggage to find the powerful witch Rubinia. She is able to help them, but in return, she asks to be taught how to breathe fire. What a good thing Coconut already knows how to do that! Finally, the little dragon and Matilda, who has now come back to life, have one more challenge to cope with: their courageous expedition takes them to a terrible cave monster living in the mountain range called the Heinous Hills. Here they discover that you can't always go by first impressions and that even dangerous monsters are sometimes really loveable creatures.


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