Johannes B. Schmidt: The Body Knows Best. Kösel-Verlag (Hardcover)

The Body Knows Best

Trauma-healing and personal transformation

Original Title: Der Körper kennt den Weg
Aus dem Niederländischen from Almut Laing

Hardcover, 304 pages, 14.5 x 21.5 cm, 5.7 x 8.5 in.
ISBN: 978-3-466-30773-9
€ 26.00 [D] | € 26.80 [A] | CHF 36.50 * (* rec. retail price) recommended retail price

Publishing House: Kösel

Date of publication: July 28, 2008
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Johannes B.  Schmidt - The Body Knows Best


Using the wisdom of our body for emotional healing

Emotional growth takes place when we are fully attuned to our inner emotional world. Being aware of our body is particularly helpful. In this book in-depth therapeutic knowledge is coupled with personal experiences of remarkable intensity. It is designed to serve as a guide to personal transformation and shows how we can develop a sense of inner strength and connectedness. An innovative integration of process-, trauma- and body therapy.


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