The Piano Whisperer

The true story of an

improbable life

Original Title: Der Klavierflüsterer

original edition

Hardcover with jacket, 320 pages, 13.5 x 21.5 cm, 5.3 x 8.5 in.
ISBN: 978-3-424-63027-5
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Publishing House: Kailash

Date of publication: October 4, 2010
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Arno  Stocker - The Piano Whisperer


A moving story: healing through music and a belief in one's own destiny

"I wanted to sing like Caruso and play like Horowitz." For a child born a spastic in the 1950s, this was a somewhat hopeless wish. Arno's legs, hands and tongue were paralysed, and he was almost blind.

In The Piano Whisperer Arno Stocker tells of the ups and downs in his extraordinary life: how he learned to speak with the help of a Caruso record and took singing lessons from Maria Callas. He also describes what it means to want to train as a piano tuner and survive in America with 300 dollars in your pocket when you are disabled. His life is marked by moments of failure and moments of elation at gaining recognition – such as when he is allowed to tune grand pianos for pianists such as Horowitz. Not infrequently at the end of his tether, Arno keeps on finding fresh courage to defy fate.

This book is a moving testimony to a tremendous will to live and the necessity of surpassing oneself. But The Piano Whisperer is also a story to give us the courage to overcome our own limits and to find a meaning in everything standing in our way.

"An extraordinary life story."

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